[REVIEW] Cutter Game Day Receiver Gloves Review (Adult Size)

For an inexpensive glove that needs to get the job done, the Cutter Game Day Receiver Gloves are what you want.  It’s not a whole lot of flash to these gloves, but they have come a long way in their simplistic approach to design. Today I will be writing my review on the adult size version of these gloves.

I caught from both a jug machine and from a QB with the Cutter Game Day Receiver Gloves. Catching 100 balls both in a stationary position from the jug machine and while running routes with a QB. With the jug machine I caught balls standing at 10 yards, backing up 5 yards every 10 catches ending at 55 yards.  For the QB thrown balls I ran the entire route tree:

  • Bubble Swing
  • Slant
  • 5 Yard Out
  • 5 Yard Hitch
  • 10 Yard Curl
  • 10 Yard Out
  • 10 Yard Dig
  • Corner Route
  • Post
  • Fly

For all 10 routes, I caught 10 passes totaling 100 catches.  The goal was to put the Cutter Game Day Football Gloves through a rigorous test that would be the equivalent to a typical season.  

Let me start by saying…..THESE…..GLOVES……HOLD…..UP.  Starting with the jug machine, between 10 and 30 yards, I was 100% on catches.  The ball hits your hands and it literally feels like you’re stopping time as the ball comes to a stop in your hands from a spiral.  These gloves give you confidence that if the ball touches your fingertips, it’s a catch.  Speaking of finger tips, most of my catches only took my fingertips.  If you have any type of finger grip strength with these gloves, you’re golden.  This actually made me a little over confident and caused me to drop 1 ball between 35 and 50 yards.  I started taking my eyes off the ball and got lazy with my grip, and this led to drops. So, to remain focused if you have these gloves, don’t get too comfortable. Continue to rely on your catching basics. You can’t blame the gloves for lack effort. Overall, the gloves did well. The only issue was the need to re-tighten the gloves by the time I got to 25 yards away.  I didn’t take the time to get my hands adjusted to these gloves. I just took the pair right out of the packaging and put them right on my hands.  Not a huge issue, but these gloves do wear down quickly for me to put them through a test of only 30 catches at the time. 

Moving to our QB thrown balls, this test was a little different because I sweat very VERY easily.  While running routes, these gloves were sliding up and down on my hand a little, but I honestly don’t hold this against the gloves.  It’s not as if the glove slid off my hand, but mind you, an athlete would not be catching 200 balls at a time like this.  Overall, I had no drops on ANY of the routes.  I especially liked catching any balls that were low, because it really showed how sticky these gloves are.  Catching balls off my shoestrings was satisfying.  Don’t even get me started on the high catches, as I managed to snag 3 one handed balls on my dig route, post route and fly route. 

Overall, I would say the Cutter Game Day Receiver Gloves are a fantastic buy, especially if you aren’t going for flare.  They catch footballs, and that’s what matters.  I would give them a 4 out of 5 on performance, dexterity, and style. 

Review Performed By U.S. Football Forum


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