Should the XFL Allow Custom Visors?.…They Better

As if the Dallas Renegades aren’t already getting enough spotlight with a world-renowned coach in Bob Stoops, a potential long-term QB in Landry Jones, and an Air Raid offense that is set to light up some scoreboards, they also have a wide out by the name of Jeff Badet. Badet, who was a former Oklahoma Sooner receiver and practice squad wide out for the Minnesota Vikings, is garnering some attention for his custom visors that he wears during Dallas Renegade practices.  Listen, if you haven’t seen these things, just know that they are super creative, and dope has hell!  There is some speculation that the XFL will allow customer gear, as long as it doesn’t hinder a player from performing.  From what I’ve read from other players who use custom visors in semi pro and indoor football leagues, the visors don’t cause any issues with sight. 

If you haven’t seen these visors, just Google Jeff Badet, and you’ll see some of the most creative and hilarious concepts you could ever place on the front of a helmet.  My all-time favorite is the infamous Allen Iverson’s “Practice” press conference concept.  Fitting for any wide receiver with an ego, who does not feel the need to waste time practicing, and more time burning DBs in real time competition.   

The hope is that IF the XFL allows this, Mr. Badet can back up the unique style with some phenomenal play on the field.  You can’t be this flashy and be trash.  In the Renegade Air Raid offense, he has an opportunity to show off his skill set since the offense is literally built for playmakers.  We would literally be watching history repeat itself if a 2020 stand out XFL player with creativity and skill balls out, like 2001 phenom Rod Smart, AKA “He Hate Me”—a man with such a creative name and play to back it up, that he would have definitely been a first ballot XFL Hall Of Famer. 

These visors are an exciting concept of style for the XFL, and I’m here for it.  Hopefully we get a chance to see these in action for the start of the XFL season on February 8th.  

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