[REVIEW] Synergee Hexagonal Speed and Agility Rings

So I’ve found that even though most of the world is quarantined at the moment, I could still provide you all with some thorough football equipment reviews.  I’m stuck in my home with countless products I use daily.  I work out in my garage, backyard, and sometimes even my den through out the day, and most of these products, including the one I’m leaving a review on today, does not take up any space at all honestly.

Todays review will be covering the Synergee Hexagonal Speed and Agility Rings.  Now I have owned these for a little over a month now.  To be honest, I didn’t get into using these until I saw a work out video of this kid who looked like he may have been 7 years old absolutely KILLING a quick foot work out with these rings.  The thing that makes the Hexagonal Rings so unique as opposed to the traditional quick foot ladder is that the Hexagonal Rings can be placed in any pattern and can even take on the lateral patter of a quick foot ladder but in the middle,  you can connect and elevate to rings to make a hurdle.  Within one ring you can even incorporate different step patterns which make for some great agility work in a short space.  Depending on the situation I will work with one ring in my living room and do jump in – jump outs as fast as possible for  20 seconds at a time, resting for 10 seconds then doing 5 more reps of 20 second jumps.  You want a quick, high pass workout? This is one. 

Now, the Synergee Hexagonal Speed and Agility Rings come in a pack of 6.  I went ahead and purchased 2 packs, just so I could get some longevity out of my workout.  I’d personally rather have longer reps than a bunch of small reps.  Pattern building the Hexagonal Rings is super simple and straight forward.  Its as easy as snapping together Lego pieces.  My favorite pattern is actually a lateral one, but I add hurdles after every flat piece.  This makes for a really good work out.  Im not going to lie, its better to use these rings in the grass or on carpet, because any slick surface will cause the rings to slide if you hit the edges of the rings.  Not an issue honestly.  If you choose to use these rings on a slick surface, just pick your feet up and you’ll be alright. 

Overall all, I’m enjoying the use I’m getting out of the Synergee Hexagonal Speed and Agility Rings.  I’m having a lot of fun.  I try to make up work outs, create different patterns or foot speed patterns.  If anyone else is using these, please share your workouts.  I plan on doing a video of me using mine very soon.  I would give these a 5 out of 5 for sure for design, dexterity, and performance.  Thanks for reading and be sure you follow me on all my social media platforms to stay up to date on all my other upcoming reviews.  Thanks again for reading. Go Follow @iheartsynergee for more of their products.

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