[REVIEW] Powermax 30′ Agility Ladder

What’s going on guys!  I have a shorty but goody review for you guys on the Powermax 30’ Agility Ladder.  Now in the past I’ve only had 15 to 20-foot agility ladders, where I would add more repetitions to my agility ladder drills in order to ensure that I am getting in a good enough workout.  With the 30-foot ladder length, you are DEFINITELY getting enough of a workout.  The ladder itself is also heavy enough to stay in place if you make a mistake here are there.  Mistakes are bound to happen as you fatigue or lose rhythm, so if the ladder can give you feedback without moving or clumping around your foot, that is a major plus in design.  Because the slats are flat, that does help with keeping the ladder in place.

I utilized the ladder on turf, grass, and on a wood floor basketball court.  In all three settings, the ladder performed really well.  Because of the fiber threaded cloth that connects the slats with metal pins, it allows you to utilize this agility ladder in any situation, so long as you have the space.  Some specifications for you would be that the Powermax 30-foot Agility Ladder does come with a carry bag which is super convenient.  Also, to note, the slats are not adjustable, and you cannot disconnect the ladder into sections in anyway.  Overall, I would definitely give the Powermax 30’ Agility Ladder a 5 out of 5 for performance, dexterity, and design. 

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