Most Powerful Program For Generating Speed

Today I will be reviewing the phenomenal product that has significantly changed not only my life, but my family’s life.  This product is the Run Faster Speed Training guide by  The truth is, not all of us are blessed with natural blazing speed.  I am one those individuals that was not given the gift of speed. Dr. Larry Van Such and the team at AthleticQuickness have developed such a program in the Run Faster Speed Training guide that doesn’t take a lot of time at all.  If you can dedicate 15 minutes a day for 4 days a week, you will be well on your way to increased speed. 

For my own personal review, I sought after this product because I wanted to lose weight and gain speed in the process. My career involves an annual physical fitness test, and part of my testing is a speed test.  It is imperative that I continually meet my goals.  I also play for a highly competitive adult flag football team that occasionally travels for tournaments.  As you would imagine, this was an attractive product due to the amount of time it takes to train, and I could perform this in the comfort of my own home.  Each week I would test my progress on an open track.  My initial 100-meter time before starting the program was 16.43 seconds.  Now, I wasn’t expecting to get to Usain Bolt speed, but I wanted to get within 13 seconds.  If you think about it, Olympic Gold Medalist run 100 meters within 9 -11 seconds, so reaching a goal of 13 or so seconds was ambitious.   

One of the benefits I saw with utilizing this guide, and the reason the work outs do not take very long is the focus on isolating specific muscles that cater to getting faster.  Once you learn the technique and movements being taught, you start to understand the dynamics of what it takes to gain speed.  I literally became a speed training savant. Concentrations with running form, driving techniques, and turnover fundamentals became an essential part of my focus throughout the 11-week program, and I even had my son join me on most of these work outs as well.  Because of this new-found wealth of speed training knowledge, I encouraged other family members to purchase this product who were involved in organized sports or those that I knew were looking to get in shape. So far, the results have been awesome.  Most of my family members are half way through the 11-week program and are already seeing significant progress. 

I have finished my program and have gained the attention of my peers within my flag league.  I have even changed my position from linebacker to wide receiver and defensive back.  Not saying that I wasn’t an asset at my current position, but the ability to be able to change positions in the middle of a year-round flag football season shows that that this product works effectively and very quickly.  On my last week, I timed my 100 meter and got my time down from 16.43 seconds on week 1 to 13.57 on week 11. I am more than satisfied with my results, and I credit my success to the detailed training guide and additional online support from the folks at It is one of the easiest workout programs that I have ever done and has been the most powerful program for generating speed.

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