[REVIEW] DMAXX Spat Football Cleat Covers

Today I will be reviewing the DMAXX Spat Football Cleat Covers. Now, if you are unfamiliar with what “spatting” is and how these spat covers are beneficial, let me break it down for you. When a player spats his cleats, it typically helps with ankle support and added compression while one’s foot is inside their cleat.  Traditional spatting involves literally taping your cleat to the ankle and lower leg itself.  I decided to investigate these spat cleat cover, because I have recently seen a few flag football teammates wearing them. Anytime I ask about the ankle support aspect, I always get mixed reviews. In all honesty, my initial thought was that the spatted cleat covers were more for compression and aesthetics. 

Aesthetically, I have seen some of these with custom designs and mottos.  There are some creative options out there.  Most of the designs I have witnessed in person are truly amazing.  From Power Ranger logos, to Courage the Cowardly Dog, to common sayings like “I’m Lit”, the ability to customize your spats can accentuate your style and personality. 

Now in my personal review, these are strictly for compression and style.  I would recommend that if you are looking to have any kind of secured ankle support, then you should just stick to the traditional spatting option and tape your ankles or wear a cleat with actual ankle sport.  I had a chance to wear my DMAXX spats during a speed and agility workout session and a flag football pickup game. 

During my work out session, I noticed that the DMAXX spats did a phenomenal job of keeping my cleat tightly compressed to my foot.  Coming in and out of my cuts during cone drills or keeping my rhythm tight during quick foot ladder drills felt fantastic.  Because I felt so secure in my cleats, there was zero hesitation or timid reaction with different drills that challenged my footing stability.

While playing against actual competition during my flag football game, I played both offense and defense.  Offensively, I had no problem with the DMAXX spats.  I played wide receiver, so I never had to worry about making a lot of cuts unexpectantly.  As I stated in my work out sessions earlier while running cone drills, the results were mirrored during competitive play.  Wearing these while playing receiver helped with running crisp concise routes. This is becaus the DMAXX spats make your cleats and feet feel as though they are one.  Now, defensively, I only ran into issues will playing defensive back.  Because you must make so many unexpected adjustments while cutting and jumping while playing the position, the bottom of the spat that goes under my cleats kept getting caught in the teeth of my cleats molding.  Not a big issue, as I could pull it out of the tooth of the cleat, and it only occurred 4 times throughout the entire game. 

Overall, I would give the DMAXX Spat Football Cleat Covers a 5 out of 5 in performance, dexterity and style.  If you are interested in ordering you the same pair that I wore, go to https://www.wantitall.co.za/sportinggoods/dmaxx-spats-football-cleat-covers-columbia-blue-medium__b00meqrbbo

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