[REVIEW] Jordan 1 TD Mid “White/Black/Red” Men’s Football Cleat Review – By U.S. Football Forum

During the 2019-2020 NFL football season, I witnessed a lot of pro players rocking what looked like Jordan 1’s as cleats.  I immediately thought, “I have to have those.”  A classic iconic shoe like the Jordan 1’s as a football cleat?  Are you serious? My flag football season would be starting Spring 2020 and I really wanted to be sure I was the sharpest looking athlete on the field.  Why not have a pair of these?

Here at U.S. Football Forum, we want to ensure we leave the most thorough reviews on the internet for football apparel and equipment.  We put these cleats through a rigorous test because we know that most of us don’t have the type of income that most of these pro athletes have to get new cleats every week or between practices.  Can the Jordan 1 TD Mid Men’s Football Cleats hold up through an entire season of play? We wanted to be sure the cleat could not only pass the eye test, but perform under pressure. 

Our test was performed on both turf and grass.  In both instances, we ran the route trees consisting of the following routes:

  • Bubble Swing
  • 5 Yard Hitch
  • 5 Yard Out
  • Slant
  • 10 Yard Curl
  • 10 Yard Out
  • Dig
  • 15 Yard Comeback (Toward Sideline)
  • Corner
  • Post
  • Fly
  • Fade

Running routes tested the cleats ability to change direction and to determine how light these cleats were on streaking routes.

Lastly, we tested the Jordan 1 TD Mid Men’s Football Cleats with football fitness drills.  These drills consisted of:

  • Quick Foot Ladder
  • Cone Drills:
    • Backpedal to Sprints
    • Shuffles
    • Jump Cuts
  • Weighted Sled Sprints
  • Parachute Sprints

Let me first say that these cleats perform well on both turf and grass, but I especially liked running through the tests with the Jordan 1 TD Mid Men’s Football Cleat on turf.  This is because as you naturally run in grass, the soil softens, and mud can easily get stuck in the teeth of the cleats.  Not a big issue and it is not a slight at the cleats at all.  The Jordan 1 TD Mid Men’s Football Cleat is super lightweight.  I especially noticed how light they were on routes beyond 10 yards. Exploding off the line of scrimmage to get at full speed felt great.  By the time I reached 5 yards I felt like I was gliding off the ground.  Cutting into my routes felt very fluid and smooth.  Without question, by the time I started running my fly routes, it felt terrific being able to pick up my knees with no issue if I needed to stride to track down a ball that may have been overthrown. These fly routes literally felt like I had on track spikes in a 100-meter sprint.  The cleats are phenomenally breathable and allows you an opportunity to really open up some new gears for speed.  Continuing the details on the Jordan 1 TD Mid Men’s Football Cleat lightweight and breathable concept, when running cone drills, these cleats felt amazing.  Fluidity of movement would be a key throughout all my testing. More specifically, I performed my jump cuts with extreme precision.  This let me know these would work well with running backs.  The ankle support and stability are perfect for a running back, which is why Damien Williams of the Kansas City Chiefs probably wore these throughout the 2019-2020 NFL season.

When it came to resistance running involving the weighted sled and parachute drills, I could really dig in with the Jordan 1 TD Mid Men’s Football Cleats.  One thing that stood out was that as I gained momentum during my resistance sprints, I could really get my knees higher in my runs in order to continue digging in on each step.  I say this stood out because you really want a lightweight cleat for times when you must get good knee drive but don’t want the drag raising a burdensome cleat on every step. 

Overall, after running routes and performing drills, I would have to give these cleats a solid 5 out of 5 for performance, dexterity, and style.  Without question, you’re getting a phenomenal purchase with these cleats with an iconic style.

U.S. Football Forum, Where Football Is King Review Performed by U.S. Football Forum @ usfootballforum.com

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