XFL 2k21 Video Game

It has been stated in recent weeks that there has been possible development for an XFL video game to be created by 2k Games.  This would make sense because the WWE already has a partnership with 2k Games, and it would be a seamless agreement for them to also create the football version of another brand owned by Vince McMahon.     

This, in my opinion, would make for one of the best football games of the new decade.  People quickly forget that there have been great football games outside of the trash Madden franchise we have been forced to settle with.  To this day, I still say that NFL 2k5 was ahead of its time, and that was 2 decades ago.  Let me hit you with what existed in that game, and you be the judge on what we can expect for an XFL branded football game.

The gameplay was…. AHEAD…..OF…..ITS…..TIME.  Now clearly if you popped this game in now, you would know you’re playing an outdated game, but the running game mechanics were super sleek and detailed.  Preparing for a run call was as cool as landing a combo in a fighting game.  The first-person viewing option allowed you to become fully immersed into any skill position.  Of course, it was a bit wonky, but worth the challenge and fresh appeal to an option within a video game in 2004.  Lastly, the VIP system allowed you to play against friends even if they weren’t present online.  The VIP system would take your friends play calling tendencies and have the AI opponent play against you, which made for some exciting experiences. 

I can only imagine the “My Player” option within an XFL 2k21 game, and I am MORE THAN SURE it would blow the Madden story mode out of the water.  Now, I am also very sure 2k Games would find some way to incorporate a virtual currency option, especially if the game was successful.  I just would really love for an XFL game to make a big splash in the sporting video game genre in order to innovate a copycat industry of pay to win mechanics. 

What do you guys think?  Would you entertain the idea of an XFL video game?

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