The XFL and Media/Production Ideas

On January 17th, I made a post about the XFL and its 2020 success relying on player creativity with accessories (visors, gloves, cleats, etc.) and how that could be a draw for viewers, specifically young viewers.  Using the “YouTube millionaire” model to influence young fans, sell merch and make big money.  There was some great reception to that post, and a few people had some phenomenal views regarding the XFL and its media/production usage. So, I started to think about the media outlets used for the first version of the XFL product that was developed in 2001. Back then, you had no other option but to be in front of a television, and I don’t believe you were going to catch any highlights on ESPN that night. 

However, I do remember a couple of things that were really dope, like the “bubba cam” and the fact that everybody was mic’d up.  Now, the production of the “bubba cam” allowed a cameraman to literally be in the huddle, on the sideline, and sometimes in the pile up of the tackles in the middle of the field.  I kid you not, these cameramen had on lacrosse helmets and all, in order to get as close as possible to all the action. It was so weird to see the camera so close to all of these players, and now we see it implemented in the NFL when cameramen are walking next to Tom Brady as he runs from the sideline to the huddle before the quick commercial break; or, you see when someone scores a touchdown and the entire offense runs in to the endzone to celebrate. But, you never see a cameraman run into the huddle as a QB is calling the play, unless it’s the sky cam, WHICH I think the XFL also created that. I could be wrong.  Either way, these “bubba cams” should remain a staple for the XFL, or they can pull an NFL 2k5 and have a first-person cam for each player.

The options are infinite when it comes to the production of an XFL game.  In my opinion, an out of the box option would be to adopt multiple viewer options across different internet media outlets, like YouTube for example.  Let me explain.  We know that all 43 XFL games will be televised between ABC, Fox, ESPN, ESPN2, FS1 and FS2.  That means that if you don’t have cable television at all, you can watch most of the games on ABC or Fox.  Most, if not all viewers, aren’t in front of a television all the time anymore and for a product that is semi exciting right now, I would hope that they team up with YouTube to create a “Megacast” viewing option.  Similar to the January 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship game between Clemson and Alabama, where Clemson QB Alum, Taj Boyd, and Alabama Center Alum, Barrett Jones, were featured on ESPN 2 with sideline coverage from both teams.  As the game was going on, they had the chance to speak to players and give insight on the game inside the game.  It was annoying as hell to me, so I just watched the game on regular ESPN, but I could see this working for the XFL. 

I believe this sideline option should be treated like the trash talk of a wrestling match.  Allow the players to trash talk after a big play.  Imagine, a DB just got burned for a TD, if you’re watching the “Megacast” with sideline coverage, you get a chance to hear the DB and WR to speak on the play and hype up the next matchup.  As a viewer, it gets you excited for the next play they face off, and on top of all of that, it’s on YouTube.  The viewership could grow tremendously, and it gives a fresh take on the new XFL brand. 

Let me know your thoughts on this.  Personally, I really want the XFL to be successful, and judging from the last post, most people are confident the brand should be successful this time.

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